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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Move Along Please, Nothing to See Here

Oky Doky, I've moved, It aint pretty but it's home (for now).

You can now find me at:

or if you are a serial lurker i.e. most of you ;-)

My new RSS Feed can be found here (apparently).

Be warned, I'll probably be doing some redecorating & rennovation work so it'll be a mess for ever and a day I expect.

So, all I can say now is: Move Along Please, Nothing to See Here........

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I'm Upping Sticks

And invite you all to follow me.

I'll publish my new URL in the next day or two (maybe sooner).

Just have to make some changes and ensure as smooth a transition as possible.

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Changes afoot....

Watch this space carefully as it may become a different space entirely, if you see what I mean.

You don't?

Ok, i'm pondering moving away from Blogger to another system. If I vanish, assume I managed to wipe myself off the face of the interweb.

Hmmm, I think I may have done that already......

('s all gone pear shaped)

(edit 2.... errmmm....)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Peterborough Today - Ice Hockey - Newman convinced he's building squad to be feared

Looking good, a lot of the Old team are back with some new blood too. If they carry on where they left off, it could be a good season ahead.

All appendages crossed!!!


It appears that several recent posts haven't made it to the real world. Blogger it would appear has chewed them up and spat them out somewhere. Or perhaps they never made the trip through the big bad interweb between my PC the blog-posty-server- thingies.

Or something.

I wouldn't be surprised if the recent grief my (not so) ISP has been dishing out. I'm with the "ISP formerly known as NTHell" and the supply of their "service" has been degrading for a while now, so much so that watching the TV became a practice not to dissimilar to watching a strobe-ascope thingy. More blank spaces than a thing full of blank spaces. And, my interweb connection has been non existent for the best part of 3 weeks, to the tune of barely being able to load the iGoogle home page before having to reboot the cable modem.

Needless to say the TV box and modem have now been replaced (eventually) and some semblance of service has resumed, also the local main node amplifier has been replaced (apparently) as that had borked as well (30 some odd calls for service from the local area in the space of 2 days).

Interestingly, I observed a new engineering technique yesterday, well, new to digital TV & interweb provision at least. Percussive maintenance. The engineer was knocking seven shades of stuff out of the streets node box thing, and I mean really belting it. For like 10 minutes. For no apparent reason. I had a look at it this morning when I went past and it looks like someone has ram raided it.

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Excellent news for the Phantoms

Press release revealing excellent news for the Phantoms for the 07-08 season. Sees the return of the Gough, Foremsky, Archer attack sqaud and Hutchinson on defence. This is added to Buckman and Peacock who signed last month.

Also signed is Dwayne Newman as player/coach (currently at MK Lightning) a real force to reckoned with (and former Peterborough team member).

Official Page HERE

"The Peterborough Phantoms are delighted to announce the signature of Dwayne Newman as Player Coach for the coming season, Dwayne will take on the Head Coaches role and his experience and obvious qualities were apparent from the outset of negotiations. His desire to be successful and steer our clubs attack for silverware is a challenge he is relishing.

Peterborough Phantoms are also delighted to announce the return of Taras Foremsky, Brent Gough, James Hutchinson and James Archer for the 2007-2008 campaign.

These are quality players that the club is proud to have secured. Taras, Brent, and Hutch all agreed deals immediately after the EPL Play-Off Finals at Coventry, prior to returning home and their loyalty, commitment and affiliation with our club is refreshing. Many clubs were attracted to these players and their only conversation regarding the coming season was with ourselves, such was their desire to return and continue the relationship with our club and its supporters.

As leading scorer last season Taras returns with a desire to not only defend that achievement but help drive our team towards a challenge for honours. Brent Gough formed an outstanding partnership with Foremsky and we are excited that we can see that build further next season. James Hutchinson's contribution when he joined the team was massive and we are delighted he will once again influence from our blue line.

James Archer is one of the best prospect players in the UK. He returns to the team amid interest from several clubs and once again his loyalty and commitment to this club is strong and his skills and scoring presence will
again be on show.

These signings are added to that of Lewis Buckman and Craig Peacock.

We hope all these signings indicate our desire to move our club forward on the foundations of the 2006-2007 season. The club is also hopeful further exciting additions to our 07-08 players and staff will follow over the next few days and weeks.

Jon Kynaston/Phil Wing/Rob Housden"

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